July 14, 2018
1 Month since
our celebration.
We the descendants of Neville Briscoe, to have more perfect reunions, reestablish the ties that bind, insure relational tranquility, provide for joyous fellowship, promote a common history, and secure the blessings of our ancestors to ourselves and our posterity, have established this site for the Neville Briscoe Descendants Family Reunion July 14, 2018.

Let us share here our family history, and the genealogy, anecdotes and images of Neville "Papere" Briscoe, his children, grandchildren, and other descendants.

Let us share here the good news of family achievements and transitions: births, marriages, matriculations, graduations, new jobs, awards, relocations, travel, gatherings, retirements, and home-callings.

Finally, the 14th of July is approaching and we are getting ready to celebrate our "Forever Creole" heritage so get ready to come together and have a fantastic Neville Briscoe Family Reunion.

Be sure to check out this website for post reunion pictures and blogs as well as comments about what you are up to. 
Where is the 2018 Neville Briscoe Family Reunion going to be held?

Houston, TX
Grand Coteau, LA
Beaumont, TX
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